Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Local LA bakeries tug at the heartstrings

The last time I went to La Brea to grab coffee and a pastry at the Little Next Door, street window displays teased me with promises of exciting new bakeries.  

In fact, promises of my favorite baked goods have been pulling on my heartstrings a lot recently.  Huckleberry has suddenly become so popular that I feel like a jilted significant other who eventually comes to the realization that their love interest is seeing other people: a lot of other people.  See, I try to be sly and go during times that I think will be "off times"-- times when I can quietly read the paper and chomp on a piece of savory flatbread.  But despite this strategy, every time seems to be more bustling than ever.  Huckleberry, deservedly (due to its high quality), has long lines and is in great demand with the people.  And then you see Arnold Schwarzenegger in line, and you know now it's serious.  Now you have to share bakery territory with the Governator, and it's only a matter of time before more of the masses follow.  Things may never be the same.   Even so Huckleberry, we only want to see you happy.  

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