Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A Paris Moment in LA

Selecting a variety of fresh french macarons gives me a rush of excitement that I imagine other women might reserve for things like designer jewelry or handbags.  But maybe there's others out there like me.  Those forever drawn to the beauty of the multi-colored rows, full of different flavors and ready to be plucked out of the case as the perfect two-bite accompaniment to a cappuccino.  Those more concerned with pastry tips and piping bags than pearls and diamonds. 

So it was quite the treat when I picked up a family member from Los Angeles International Airport and they greeted me at curbside pickup with a "bonjour" and a surprise box of Laduree macarons. 

The macarons are protected by their petite carrier-- a lavender box with silver embellishments, just sturdy enough for a stop through London Heathrow on its way to the west coast, security and all.  The truth is, I'm not sure if this particular trip involved a direct flight from Paris, or a connecting flight. But regardless of itinerary, I challenge you to find a more thoughtful gesture than a loved one transporting delicate sweets across international borders.  It's never an easy feat!       

Each box from Laduree is wrapped like a little gift-- creating a ritual for the lucky recipient.  (Who doesn't love the feeling associated with unwrapping a present?)  There's an unmatched elegance to it.   As much as I love a perfectly executed donut hole or oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, these treats will never outshine the macaron's style-saavy image.  And then there's the element of surprise.  What flavors will you unwrap this time? 

And fear not: If you don't happen to have a relative or friend passing through Paris anytime soon, you can still have a Paris moment in LA by trying this domestic version from Bottega Louie.  Even if you only try one, it's worth a stop. After all, two bites of attainable luxury in your everyday life can make all the difference.