Monday, September 17, 2007

The Great American Bakery Hunt is moving on up...

In the legendary spirit of The Jeffersons, the Great American Bakery Hunt is movin' on up-- but not to the East side, and not necessarily to a deluxe apartment in the sky. I'm moving to West LA, where I will not only pay homage to the great sitcoms of the 1970's, but also find and conquer every delicious bakery around. I will spend a small fortune on rent, and a slightly smaller fortune on new bakeries.

(sidenote: I'm not sure why semi-obscure retro television/musical references bring such joy to my life, but that's probably why I so wholeheartedly appreciate Chuck Klosterman's pop culture inspired rants.)

Anyway, I've been roaming around this week looking for places and enjoying the LA culture-- mostly via its eateries. First I met up with my old friend Kim, an uber-talented yet relentlessly modest car designing art student and fellow bakery enthusiast. After eating some curry in the Sawtelle area, we wanted to hit up the bakery Doughboys-- but when we arrived, they had closed up shop mysteriously. Kim lamented that her favorite LA bakery is now closed, so please, send her your sympathies!

We opted for Toast instead, a bakery/cafe whose counter includes a variety of cupcakes-- the very thing I was craving, naturally, after a meal of curry (and a short, yet unavoidable Pinkberry diversion). After our bakery raid, Kim and I parted ways and I met up with Peter, a college buddy who shares my love for absurd comedy, food, history, and graphic novels, just to name a few. We tried unsuccessfully to eat Greek food (things close on Sundays apparently!), then sang the praises of never-closed delivery Thai, watched Flight of the Conchords on HBO OnDemand, and feasted on the cupcakes from Toast.

I didn't find an apartment yet, but it might have been the perfect LA day.