Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Extra! Extra! Danish carrot buns are coming out West: this September in a kitchen near you.

One of the true joys in life is discovering new recipes, and Copenhagen is a great place to do this. Danish supermarkets are filled with ingredients to discover, and the home baker can find at least a dozen types of flours to experiment with in every standard grocery store.  Practically everyone, it seems, is a home baker here.  People are not afraid to get their hands deep into some flour and bake up a batch of bread, and this is something I truly admire about Danish food culture.   
Recently, I discovered a new favorite recipe for homemade carrot buns (in Danish: gulerodskerneboller), which I found in an organic baking cookbook called "Den Økologiske Bagebog."  The buns are packed with pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, and shredded carrots, and turn out light and fluffy for the perfect teatime or breakfast treat. After my travels are over this fall, this will surely be a recipe I pack up and bring to the States to share with friends and family.  (To be determined: how many Danish cookbooks can I fit into an already overweight suitcase?) 
Look out Southern California: carrot buns are coming out West! I'm not sure how I've been living without these for so many years.

With my passion for the Danish baking culture, I'm determined to learn more every day, even if it means typing unknown words into Google translate before the baking can officially begin, and pestering Danish friends who generously help me to expand my culinary vocabulary when online translations miss the mark.  Are there any Danish cookbook authors out there looking to adapt their recipes to American audiences and supermarket ingredients?  If so, your vision combined with my cultural mad science experimentation could be an excellent match.