Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Denmark's Sophi Enholm Cafe: a cake road trip

One of the sweetest joys of travel is having the time to venture beyond bucket lists and guide books and live as a local.  For those of us who enjoy discovering the nooks and crannies of a destination, this type of exploration enchants us.  And for those of us who love to travel with food in mind, visiting off the beaten path bakeries prompts more excitement than gazing at famous landmarks.
Finally-in-season strawberry tart, rich chocolate cake (gateau marcel), and fragilité with mocha butter cream.  The cafe served all of these with a fresh rhubarb compote. (The ingredient is the star of many dishes during the Danish summer.) 

During my time as a temporary Copenhagener, many bakery hunts were powered by bicycle. So when some Danish friends suggested hopping in the car to explore uncharted bakery hunting territory, it was an even more exciting hunt than usual.  Just 30 minutes outside of Copenhagen's city center, Sophi Enholm Cafe in Lyngby is a spot outsiders would be unlikely to stumble upon.  Naturally, we ordered one of each cake on the menu that day so we could share them all. 

Like every cafe in Scandinavia with outdoor seating, visits are best enjoyed during spring or summer.  This is particularly true here, since you can take advantage of lakeside scenery and a stroll through the nearby gardens.  

It's not hard to find beautiful nature in Denmark, but still I marvel at the beauty you can access with a quick side trip away from the city.  Despite the slight chill in the air hinting at fall, it was much too lovely to sit inside, and cafe visitors enjoyed the surroundings along with playground goers, row boaters, and picnic gatherers. 

For winter visits, there's a cozy indoor seating area that will do the trick.

And there's plenty of bike parking if you're interested in the full Danish experience.  As excited as I was for a bakery road trip, pastry exploration by bike usually means 1/2 the guilt and double the fun!

I'd like to give a special thanks to my favorite Danish cake partners in crime, Lone and Dorit, for showing me this cafe!  Next time you're in Denmark, take a little journey outside the city and make a stop here (just don't forget to bring a group of cake appreciating friends with you.)