Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Spending December in the kitchen

December is a month for the kitchen.  A time when your stove and oven serve the dual purpose of helping you create, and helping you keep warm. A time for cookie exchanges, homemade treats, and late night baking inspiration.  A time to buy that giant German candy thermometer you've had your eye on...  Alright, that last one doesn't happen every December, but with so many cooking tools to discover in Copenhagen, I was destined to pick up some culinary souvenirs.  I will warn you, this thermometer looks intimidating upon first glance. Made by TFA Germany, it comes with no particular instructions, just an encouraging but brief toffee recipe on the back translated into 6 different languages. The tool features a sturdy metal encasing that surrounds the actual thermometer so you can avoid the risk of damaging it if it touches the bottom of your pan, a feature that makes it look serious and almost weapon-like. The moment I saw it, it seemed the perfect addition to my kitchen arsenal: guaranteed to combat a sweet tooth. My first project with the new thermometer?  Salted caramels. While the temperatures drop outdoors, my caramels will set overnight in my cozy Copenhagen kitchen as I try not to salivate in my sleep with anticipation.  Here's hoping for good results.