Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coffee talk at Rockenwagner with The Great American Bakery Hunt

I've been a pretty busy nonprofit worker bee recently, so I splurged and treated myself to a little Rockenwagner coffee break.  This was a day worthy of a double shot and the delicious baked good of my choice.  And while usually my heart belongs to their freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, the hidden gem of Rockenwagner is the Linzer cookie.  Now, the instinct of the typical American bakery patron is to go for the chocolate chip cookie.  But try the Linzer one of these days!  Don't be afraid!  It's the more rare species of cookie, and while every bit as delicious, you're much less likely to whip up a batch of these at home on a whim.  And if you have one of those mysterious people in your life who does not like chocolate, it's a great treat to introduce to them.   Not to mention that it's the perfect mid-day sweet treat to keep any worker bee going. 
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