Friday, January 08, 2010

I'd like to say "Tak" to Hygge Bakery for delivering a little Denmark to downtown LA

I'd like to give Hygge Bakery a heartfelt "tak" (that's Danish for thanks") for bringing some real Danish culture to my Los Angeles life.  While the last time I was in Denmark was in 2005, I've definitely been obsessing about going back ever since.  To this day, carefully written English letters recieved from my host family continue to remind me of a culture I fell in love with, and a city of artfully executed pastry that will always lure me back for more.  With an actual Dane backing the Hygge Bakery business, it's the closest thing I've tasted to real Danish baked goods since the days of wandering the Copenhagen streets with glee as I made one pastry discovery after another.  The Danes I met, and who I now keep in touch with, remain a part of me, and Hygge is a great reminder of the food we shared. While I questioned whether their Danish pastries and coffee would warm the soul as much in the Southern California winter as in Copenhagen's, Hygge did not dissapoint.  Any Scandinavian culture enthusiasts out there?  The annual Scandinavian film festival runs this weekend, January 9-10, and next weekend, January 16-17 in Beverly Hills.  Best of all, the event is put on by the non-profit American Scandinavian Foundation of LA, making it that much cooler.
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