Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's safe to say I work with the most awesome people, Part 1

Today, The Great American Bakery Hunt presents Part 1 in the series
"It's safe to say that I work with the most awesome people."  

Scott, New Jersey native, visited Carlo's Bake Shop, over the holiday vacation and was generous enough to bring back this handsome coffee mug to benefit The Great American Bakery Hunt's daily caffeination needs.  Without caffeine, and great mugs to drink it out of, we might never get all this bakery-related writing done. 

As you may know, Carlo's Bakery has been in the New Jersey bakery business since 1910, and most recently, was popularized through the show Cake Boss on TLC.   And even though they've clearly hit it big time, you still feel connected to the heart of this small family business as they share the achievement of the American dream with TV viewers everywhere.

Here's to having thoughtful colleagues from New Jersey who make the specific trip to Carlo's, and thus, qualify for the "It's safe to say I work with the most awesome people" series.  Thanks Scott!  The Great American Bakery Hunt salutes you.


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