Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coffee talk at Huckleberry with The Great American Bakery Hunt

Recently, I've been missing out on quality time with one of my very favorite local bakeries, Huckleberry.  So after work one evening, I stopped by and did some studying while sipping on their refillable coffee to my heart's content.  And since going to Huckleberry and not getting a treat is like going to France and skipping the bistros, I was also obligated to taste the cake pictured above.  This was before I had eaten dinner, but I was guided by the law of the bakery.  Big, fluffy, and chocolaty, this slice of cake is old school.  It's much like the slice of cake I imagine kids returning to after school, particularly kids who grew up on farmland and who were served fresh from-the-oven slices coupled with a tall glass of milk straight from the cows.  
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