Saturday, October 21, 2006

Feasting on The Motherload...

A night with the The Motherload: friends enjoying some cake, milk, and wine
It was Friday night and I had a serious sweet tooth. After happy hour, we made our decision. The night was still young, and it was time to hit up The Motherload. For anyone unfamiliar with The Motherload, it is an enormous and very rich chocolate cake with walnuts, chocolate chips, and thick chocolate frosting. You can find The Motherload at the Claim Jumper, famous for its huge portions and an ideal haunt for competitive eaters. My brother once had a bet with his friends over who would weigh the most after a night at Claim Jumper.
So when you order a slice of The Motherload, it isn't just any slice of cake. A slice of The Motherload is, in a word, gigantic (at $10 a slice, it should be). But I was looking forward to the cake so much that this slipped my mind. While it makes for a great dish to share with a friend (if not 5 friends!), ordering The Motherload is a serious commitment. Bakery hunters, you've been warned.
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