Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back for more at Cafe Blanc!

When it comes to nibbling on pastries at Cafe Blanc, once a week is not enough. I am officially infatuated with this bakery. Those who work at Cafe Blanc are definitely starting to recognize me. I can see it in their eyes when I walk through the door. As they wave at me and greet me with a smile, they are surely thinking to themselves: "She's back for more." I returned again on Thursday to partake in some tea and pastries with my friend Justin. I am eager to convert as many people as possible to Cafe Blanc fandom, and it turns out that I won't have to try very hard. As we were deciding what to order, a man stood up from his table and walked up to the counter to get a business card. We exchanged knowing glances, both clearly fanatical customers. His eyes were wide as he said "I live in Glendale, but I would drive all the way down here for some of that stuff. So good." I smiled and nodded. Words could not express my wholehearted agreement. (Even so, I am quite grateful that Cafe Blanc is only just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my house).

This time I tried the tart poire (pear tart), and also tasted a bit of the creme brulee.
tart poire with gelato at Costa Mesa's Cafe Blanc
creme brulee at Cafe Blanc
Both were delicious, although I think the Ojai mandarin orange tart remains my most phenomenal choice thus far. Maybe it's the perfectly placed piece of orange zest in the middle of the tart that gets me every time. All I know is that I'm in love, and I'm falling hard. Not to worry, we went back to Cafe Blanc the next morning after a night celebrating my German heritage at Old World's Oktoberfest. My friend and I both ordered the orange tart. I could not resist reliving the experience. There is simply nothing better than following a night of German music, brats, and beer with a superb Cafe Blanc tart the next morning. "Prost" to that!

heaven in tart form at Cafe Blanc

another happy customer at Cafe Blanc

*for Cafe Blanc's location info, view my other post on Cafe Blanc by clicking on my archives or by typing in "Cafe Blanc" in the "search this blog" function at the top of the page-- enjoy!
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