Saturday, May 09, 2009

Follow that cupcake!

Bakery hunting sources in Connecticut recently tipped us off to The Cupcake Truck, a mobile cupcakery that updates cake-seekers on their daily location. If you're in the Connecticut area, navigate to the Cupcake Truck using Twitter updates or their blog Food-Driven. One can't help but feel enticed by the descriptions on their site: For $2, you can purchase a "chocolate ruin" cupcake. The good people at the Cupcake Truck suggest that the deep, dark chocolate buttermilk cake "may be your downfall."

You have to appreciate the philosophy of these Cupcake Truckers, who write: "We're just two people who love good food. We also love making people smile. And we've learned that nothing makes people smile like good food. That's why we do what we do. Because this complicated, challenging world could use more smiles."

Keep on truckin' Cupcake Truck! The Great American Bakery hunt salutes you!
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