Saturday, May 09, 2009

Catering to the community

The Great American Bakery Hunt always appreciates a good story about nonprofit organizations and baked goods coming together for a cause.

Fast-casual restaurant chain Corner Bakery recently issued a press release detailing charitable organizations selected to receive free catering in honor of National Volunteer Week.

According to the release, Corner Bakery sees this as an opportunity to acknowledge the work of volunteers who are giving back to their communities. During these rough times, Corner Bakery's actions are particularly relevant for members of the nonprofit community. The economic downturn impacts the extent that organizations are able to acknowledge volunteers through appreciation efforts such as a simple "thank you" meal or treat. Because many community programs rely hugely (if not entirely) on the help of volunteers, Corner Bakery provides important support in this area.

Cheers for the "catering to the community" movement-- hopefully other bakeries and restaurants will follow suit.
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