Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saving dough on baked goods

Sweet Blessings Bakery in Albuquerque offers its customers "recession busting" half priced baked goods every day. Anything in their case that is not sold by mid afternoon is sold at the sizable discount, with the theory that happy customers will keep coming back for more. The Great American Bakery Hunt has seen other bakeries out there with special "Bake Sale" sections, non-advertised corners of the case that hold discounted tarts and pies with imperfections. At the farmer's market, one can often get a good deal towards closing time, as vendors rush to sell off their inventory. But these deals mostly fall upon the regular customers on the scene, and are not as openly advertised as the daily offerings of the Sweet Blessings Bakery. Local note: The roll out of bed farmer's market strategy will not work if you happen to love the "alligators" the Bread Man sells at the Santa Monica farmer's market. These pecan-icing creations seem to be sold out mid-market all the time!)

The Great American Bakery Hunt is interested in other strategies bakers are utilizing to lure consumers wary of spending. Write us and tell us how your bakery is doing and what customers should know about supporting baked goods.
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