Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In lieu of the roux

Since my grandparents grew up in Louisiana, I have always been enchanted and intrigued by the gumbos, cornbread, and okras that were a part of my childhood during many family dinners.  I'm convinced that it is in my genetic makeup to one day to create a respectable roux, and maybe even a few homemade beignets, although I am still figuring out how to dedicate myself to this project while working full time.  All I know is that I feel a deep connection to this food-- one that started with my great grandmother cooking up a storm when I was a little girl, and ended with us all gathered around the family table. 

My summer work schedule is fairly non-stop, so in lieu of studying my roux, I decided to visit The Gumbo Pot at the original LA Farmer's Market.  A temporary substitute to a home-cooked meal on a rare day off from work, The Gumbo Pot was just what I needed.   Once there, I warmed my summer up with some spicy gumbo, balanced it with a cold beer, and to top it all off, enjoyed a piece of their chocolate pecan pie. 
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