Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Magnolia Bakery's legendary goods have arrived to LA-- but where should you eat yours?

Magnolia Bakery's Los Angeles location is finally open on 3rd Street.  This is a big deal for LA bakery hunters who have been eyeing the empty storefront ever since the "Leased" sign went up with the Magnolia Bakery logo hanging in the window.  

Now the only question is where to eat your cupcake once you get your hands on one.  At Magnolia's Bleecker Street location in New York, there are a few strategically advantageous benches where you can devour your cupcake and even in such a busy city, pause long enough to lick the frosting off your fingers.  This being part of the charm of the original Magnolia experience, I wonder how LA cupcake consumers will adjust.  

Please send in your suggestions of the best places to strategically enjoy a Magnolia cupcake in LA and we'll show New Yorkers what they're missing!   
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