Monday, July 05, 2010

Baked good delivery from Koreatown!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Hae Jin, who delivered me a birthday sweet potato cake from Koreatown's Paris Baguette.  Hae Jin and I studied abroad together in Denmark and have been good buddies ever since.  The other day, we caught up over some much needed Tarascos tacos, and then to my surprise, Hae Jin presented me with a raspberry-topped sweet potato cake.  You really know who your good friends are when they meet up with you and are toting concealed cake for you to try. 

Pictured below is the sweet potato cake we shared over some Intelligentsia coffee.  Note: Silver Lake's Intelligentsia not only has great coffee, but happens to be one of the best people watching spots in LA.  Sit at the counter opposite the front door and you'll see what we mean.

Other suggested eating locations: Consider following your next Koreatown bakery stop with some K-town karaoke.  Add dumplings from your local eatery of choice, a few baked goods and some classic rock songs-- There's really no better combination!
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