Thursday, August 26, 2010

Journeying to Seattle for the International Food Blogger Conference!

Sitting in LAX, I can hardly keep my mouth from watering when I think about the culinary adventure I am about to experience in the next few days. The time has come for The Great American Bakery Hunt to roam from our Los Angeles headquarters to Seattle for our first ever blogging conference. Tomorrow, around 250 food bloggers will step away from their keyboards and transport themselves to a whole new world of face to face culinary discussion with simultaneous mobile blogging! The results, I anticipate, will be nothing short of extraordinary. Most of all, it will be exciting to learn more about food writing, taste great food while doing it, and be in an environment where it is socially acceptable to talk to a nerdy extent about culinary topics! I'm giving mobile blogging the old college try with my recently purchased iPhone, and I'm crossing my fingers this works out swimmingly. Stay tuned for more updates from the road.
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