Saturday, January 31, 2009

Los Angeles Magazine reveals top 20 bakeries

Los Angeles magazine's February issue features LA's top twenty bakeries, and the Great American Bakery Hunt thanks them for leading us to new lands of baked goods. Since I hail from a family of writers, I even bought a copy to support print journalism! Huzzah!

Unfortunately, all of us at The Great American Bakery Hunt are a little disappointed Yummy Cupcakes was not included in the top twenty picks. With Los Angeles cupcakeries Sprinkles and Wilshire rival Vanilla Bakeshop both getting a nod, I think Yummy deserves a shout out as well.

I suppose you did what you thought was best LA magazine, I truly believe this is the case. But if you haven't yet tasted the brown sugar cinnamon flavor over at Yummy, you best get over to Wilshire and get some! For your own sake, if not for your readers/the American people.
You can check out recipes from the 20 bakeries reviewed at the LA magazine website under the title "Recipe Box".
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