Sunday, December 23, 2007

Where to partake in some tarte au citron

Following a delicious dinner at Cafe Stella in Silver Lake, I savored the tarte au citron and found it the perfect light dessert with which to conclude my meal. Just sweet enough and with a softly crumbling crust, the tart lingered in my mouth perfectly.

Before going to Cafe Stella, I read numerous reviews of the restaurant, which I will assume were written by a variety of hip and extremely opinionated LA locals, and perhaps a Vespa-driving Silver Lake resident or two: The tables are too close together, they say. The wine selection is too limited. After eating there myself, I had to wonder: why all of this pressure to criticize?

Perhaps these patrons don't know how to enjoy an evening free from the pressure of having to decide what scathing criticisms they will write on Chowhound or Yelp after the fact. How do you even have the energy to chew your food as your lips simultaneously form dissertation length complaints? Has web 2.0 made us more cynical and harder to please? I'm all for customer empowerment, but some folks are out of control.

I, for one, had a lovely time and a mouth-watering tarte au citron and I'm not afraid to say it.
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