Sunday, December 23, 2007

Montana Avenue: friend to the baker hunter

Having recently moved to Santa Monica, I'm still trying to find the coziest, closest place to curl up with a pastry and a good read. I'd like to establish myself as a bakery regular somewhere, but I haven't yet found a resting stop that feels completely right. I thought I'd try out Jack and Jill's on Santa Monica Blvd since it seems rather inviting from the outside. However, I discovered upon consumption of their red velvet cupcake that Jack and Jill's is a more favorable lunch spot than a bakery destination. With so many cupcake stores populating this land, you have to sell me hard on a cupcake to become one of my destination bakeries, and their Red Velvet just couldn't close the deal.

Luckily, I woke up groggy the other morning and with a particularly intense bagel craving-- and discovered Ambrosia Via Dolce on Montana Avenue. Armed with a craving so strong that I felt as if the productivity of my day depended on obtaining a freshly toasted cream cheese- slathered breakfast, I drove up Montana, the street of many-a-cafes.

While often hyped as a pricey shopping district, Montana Avenue serves the bakery hunter well. I arrived at Ambrosia Via Dolce and fell in bakery love. It had just the neighborhood feel I have been searching for, and best of all, a fresh bagel within just a few moments of my apartment. This bakery rated high for coziness, morning atmosphere, bakery culture (streetside seating), and visual appeal. The displayed selection of baked goods tempted me so that for research purposes, I ordered a few cookies for my after lunch chocolate craving. I might just become a regular here...
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