Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cookies for a good cause

Chocolate chip is the only way to go...I suggest trying it with the "Nutty brewnette" brew from BJ's, winner of the Silver medal at the 2006 LA County Fair Beer Competition for best American style brown ale. I do love a good brown ale and a chocolate chip cookie!

BJ's Restaurants, a West Coast pizza and brewery restaurant, announced this month that they will donate money to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation based on the sales of their "Pizookie" cookies. I haven't actually gone to BJ's since the press release, but thank goodness, I happened to have some stock Great American Bakery Hunt Pizookie photos from my last visit. There's nothing I love more than a cookies combined with a good cause. Let's just say I have a soft spot for non-profit organizations.
Food based fundraising is my favorite kind of fundraising ever: When I was working for a non-profit this summer, I helped to organize a fundraiser through Ruby's, and it made my milkshake just that much better knowing it was going to a great cause. On a sidenote, their staff was so friendly and really supportive of the event. They are good people up at Ruby's San Juan Capistrano!
Anyway, I have a definite appreciation for what BJ's is doing here...Plus, the restaurant serves "Pizookie" cookies warm out of the oven, and this earns them the Friedersdorf stamp of approval. I'm too serious about home-baked chocolate chip cookies to give them a four-star rating. I mean, they're not my mom's home-baked cookies, which I have to favor above all the rest. But the cookies are satisfying, and BJ's gets props for being one of the only places you can get a warm chocolate chip cookie (and a beer) past 9pm in Orange County. God knows I always have late night cookie cravings, and Diddy Reese is a bit far away (although I have journeyed there before from Orange County just for the sake of a Diddy dozen.)
Baked goods for a good cause, that's what I like to see in the world!
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