Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A preference for kringles...

Melanie Conklin's story in the Wisconsin State Journal brought us a daily reminder that Danes are well-loved for their baked goods. The story features several attempts at bravery, audacious displays of Scandinavian pride, and a shoutout to the baking culture which is so celebrated on this blog and in my heart.

In Wisconsin, the self-proclaimed "Dane County Danes" group on the UW-Madison campus has taken credit for a prank in which they hoisted a Danish flag high above one of the campus facilities. The Danish flag flew high for four days before campus facilities workers could get it down. Apparently the prank's longevity was achieved by the pranksters' calculated use of heavy-gauge plastic ties which were attached to the flag pole. Ultimately, staff at UW-Madison had to put their heads together, and in an ode to MacGyver, fashioned a pole rigged with a cutting tool in order to halt the red and white object from continuing to wave in the breeze.

The highlight of the story is this quote: "Our Danish friends are certainly enterprising," concedes UW Communications' Dennis Chaptman. "However, we would have preferred if they would have brought a kringle instead."

Who can blame him?
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