Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Danish bakery sighting in Colorado!

It's as if John Lehndorff of the Rocky Mountain News has answered my prayers. Just yesterday he wrote about "Taste of Denmark", an authentic Danish bakery in Colorado.

He describes the owner, Ronny Tronoe, as a Danish man who "eats two chocolate-filled croissants every morning to keep going". This is my kind of person, someone who fully appreciates the bakery culture. Plus, he grew up in Roskilde, the city where I lived during my time studying in Denmark!

I'm going to have to find an excuse to go to Colorado, this guy sounds like the real deal. (We know this because the article explains that Tronoe goes through 800 lbs. of butter a week, plus he makes everything from scratch of course). I want to go there and now.

Where to find it...

Taste of Denmark
1070 S. Union Blvd., Lakewood
Colorado, USA

Information: 303-987-8283
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