Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rhubarb Tuesday

As the sunlight ran out above Copenhagen's Kongens Have (King's Garden), I had one thing on my mind: what to do with the rhubarb in my fridge.  The Danish summer is for enjoying the transient sunshine, so I couldn't rush home to bake without taking a little stroll in the garden with a friend first.  People were gathered everywhere camping out underneath the trees, and it was the perfect time to be outside for no particular reason other than the good weather. While we were sitting just feet from the Danish crown jewels, we sat and talked like it was any old public park.  Funny how with time you can get used to your surroundings, from royal regalia to hopping on a bicycle home with all the Copenhagen commuters.     

This month will present a rush against time to explore as many Danish ingredients and recipes as possible before I hop back on a plain to the United States.  (Ideally, the results will be shared with friends in one of Copenhagen's many beautiful public parks.)  

 To begin the rhubarb experiment, here's my version of Claus Meyer's rhubarb muffin recipe.  This recipe is quick enough that you can still take time to enjoy a leisurely walk in the sunshine after work, but still have muffins ready for a friend's dinner party the next day.  I love having recipes like this in my back pocket!

Below, one muffin is conspicuously missing...because every baker deserves a little reward.

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