Saturday, March 17, 2012

LA Marathon Race Weekend 2012

As you can see from this feast of carbohydrates, LA Marathon race weekend is finally here!  Despite the uncharacteristically bad weather this weekend, I'm incredibly excited to get out there tomorrow to complete the first 13.1 miles for our relay team.  This year, the special 1/2 marathon relay option is only open to those raising money for a charity, and I'll be running on a team for The Painted Turtle.    
During any marathon, there is always a special spirit around the cheering that creates the noise of the crowd-- both in words uttered from supporters on the sidelines, and in the encouragements offered from one fellow runner to another.  I'm really excited for all the charity relay teams to experience this and I think it's an awesome way to bring awareness to all of our causes.  If you see a runner in a yellow bib tomorrow, they're running for a charity.  If you're in the LA area, give us a shout!

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