Monday, August 29, 2011

Follow the man searching for a Hubig's Pie...

Hubig's pies are a local favorite: for more history on the pie, click here.

Update from New Orleans:  We've had a busy schedule of exploring the city, so I haven't had much time to blog.  I'll leave you with this anecdote for now.  We stopped by the corner pharmacy to buy some streetcar passes and I noticed a man asking the cashier where to find some Hubig's pies.  "Aisle 4," she replied.  I followed the man to aisle 4 out of curiosity-- and there he stood with a disappointed look on his face.  The display was totally empty.  "You know," I mentioned, "there are a few Hubig's apple pies in the display up by the cash register."  "I know," he said.  "But I'm looking for a different flavor."  I couldn't help but insert myself into this situation by asking him his favorite (missing) flavor.  As it turns out, it's coconut.  Even though I was sympathetic to his misfortune, all I could think was: JACKPOT.  This man was looking for a particular pie craving, and I knew that where pie-cravings exist, so too might exist kindred spirits who could guide me towards the best bakery in town.  I quickly asked the searcher of coconut Hubig's pie where I should go for a delicious baked good.  And even with an unsatisfied craving on his hands, this man patiently and kindly told me that his favorite bakery is Haydel's.  Clutching a liter of soda that undoubtedly would have been his dream pairing to the elusive coconut Hubig's, he seemed to acknowledge with his kind eyes that he understood my quest-- plus, with further conversation, I discovered his wife happens to be a pastry chef.  The lesson in all of this?  Let your instincts guide you towards hunting great bakeries, and you too will cross paths with pastry chef spouses, or maybe even chefs themselves.  Never stop hunting!  
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