Monday, June 27, 2011

The Great American Bakery Hunt receives some "yummies" from Tokyo

Thanks to the lovely Kim Wu for sending me some delicious sweets directly from Asia, the first person ever to do so in the history of The Great American Bakery Hunt.
Kim is now representing the Tokyo chapter of the hunt, and describes her new surroundings as an ultimate bakery hunting territory where there's "almost a bakery poppin' out piping hot yummies on every block."  So I'm left wondering, how soon can I get there?

This package not only had a delicate, elegantly wrapped sweet cake and delicious little bite-sized cookies, it also had a few cookie cutters in the shape of traditional Swedish dala horses!  It's enough to make a girl hop on a plane to Japan to see what other discoveries are around the corner.

You can follow Kim's adventures in Japan through her blog-- and you are sure to see the  curious, adventurous, beautiful and delicious nature of daily life in Japan through her wanderings.  Thank you Kim Wu!  You're a gem, at home and abroad!!

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