Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweets from Maui, delivered to the Great American Bakery Hunt

April, friend to The Great American Bakery Hunt, was kind enough to fly this fresh-made-daily peanut butter and chocolate mochi to California, delivered direct from her home state of Hawaii after a recent trip.  Straight from Maui, just a little hop and a skip of a trip over the ocean, and this mochi was waiting on my desk in Santa Monica along with chocolates and a Marukai membership.  As if the mochi wasn't enough, now I can do all the shopping I want in my local Marukai grocery store and get members only prices!  April is always thinking of others.  Thank you buddy!

And while we're on the topic, she's also an excellent friend to eat late night ramen with-- here she is during a recent trip to Sawtelle, a great west LA street for ramen hunters.

She had the beef.  I had the spicy pork broth with bok choy and fried garlic!  That's the stuff!
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