Monday, October 18, 2010

The moral of the story: gifts of ingredients will surely result in more rides to the airport

Tonight, I ventured out to LAX to pick up my friend Bryan from the airport.  While a lot of people hate airports, I find perfection in them.  Being around people from all over the world and experiencing the rush of travel is exciting-- and waiting time during travel is the perfect time to catch up on old newspaper articles, podcasts, and food writing.   You have no obligation to be anywhere other than on your plane at the required boarding time, so you can enjoy whatever media you want. And if reading doesn't entertain you, the people watching might.  Now I'm not saying I'm perfectly patient 100% of the time-- but I do think I have an unusual appreciation for airports. Needless to say, I envied all of the travelers at LAX tonight, and wondered where they were coming from or going to, where they would settle for the night, and naturally, the meals they would eat when they got there. 

When I finally waved down Bryan in the line of passengers at Terminal 5, he said he had a surprise for me.  As you can see, I was gifted some Kentucky Chocolate Nut Pie mix in return for converting my Toyota into a temporary airport taxi for his departure and arrival.  This gift was incredibly thoughtful and brings me to the moral of the story: while I am always willing take a friend to the airport, gifts of ingredients bind me via the laws of food blogging to guarantee more future airport rides.  Thanks Bryan!
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