Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The fine art of the premeditated airport meal

Do you ever find yourself in airports, hungry and bemoaning the purchase of yet another $12 burrito? Travelers often fall victim to overpriced airport foods, abused by a system that coerces captive audience prey into bad economic and culinary decisions. Well, airports, I refuse to play the victim anymore, which is why I practice the fine art of the premeditated airport meal.

On the way home from the International Food Blogger conference, I was toting the perfect premeditated airport meal with the following ingredients:

1) a baguette from Seattle's Columbia city bakery. While I did not go to the bakery itself, I bought the baguette from Sitka and Spruce while exploring the Melrose Market on Capitol Hill. (As an honorable mention, I wish I lived locally so I could cook from ingredients at Rain Shadow Meats, and was charmed by the fact that they had samples of dumplings made with meat from the store.)
2) Truffle salami from our conference “goodie bags.” This was perhaps my favorite item in the bag full of cooking related treats due to the fact that I immediately recognized the potential of this salami for the premeditated airport meal.
3) a wedge of semi soft goat cheese called La Yerbera that I picked up from Delaurenti's, a gourmet food shop in Pike's Place (Delaurenti's friendly fromage expert was very helpful in guiding me towards the right cheese for the occasion. The Great American Bakery Hunt suggests a cheese easy on the stink since you never know when you'll have an extra wedge left over to eat on the flight).  This cheese was semi aged goat's milk rubbed in olive oil and covered in Spanish almonds.

Just a few easy steps and then voila! The Great American Bakery hunt has beat the system.
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