Sunday, August 30, 2009

a seemingly innocent trip to Barnes and Nobles prompts a hungry drive up the coast of California

Put a food blogger in the cookbook & food writing section at Barnes and Nobles and watch her salivate over jacket covers for hours on end.

The store has a powerful force-- with so many recipes at your fingertips, you feel like you could master every international cuisine if only there was enough time.

Once you step inside those aisles, you're convinced you must read books like A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur's Guide to Oyster Eating in America and Matzoh Ball Gumbo: Culinary Tales of the Jewish South.

And then there's the jacket covers that indulge the dreamer in every food blogger. For example, why can't everyone be like Liz Thorpe, who left a "normal" life to work at Murray's Cheese and then wrote The Cheese Chronicles, thus becoming America's sweetheart of cheese expertise?

Scanning these aisles are also a great way to discover bakeries on the map, which is how I determined I'll be visiting the Big Sur Bakery in the near future. Tucked away in a spot off of Highway 1, the Big Sur Bakery serves baked goods out of a 1930's wooden farmhouse. They recently released a cookbook, which means I'll probably have to digest its pages in anticipation, then enlist a friend to join in an impatient, hungry drive up the coast.
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