Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Great American Bakery Hunt journeys to New York...

Bakery hunters, my long awaited trip to New York is just days away. I'll be visiting my brother, a journalism student at NYU and a California transplant to Brookyn. I can't wait to hunt East Coast bakeries like a champ, running amok all throughout Manhattan and the outer boroughs on a permanent sugar high. Since I'm going for only 5 days, I'll have to increase my meals from 3 a day to roughly 5 and a half a day to cram all of New York's tasty delights into my gullet!

I'm salivating just thinking about it. Of course, I am trying to do my fair share of research so I hit all the culinary gems. I'll be armed with some great tips from some industry folks who are in the know, and I'll also be digesting some reading material for the hunt. So far I've compiled all your regular Michelin and Zagat guides to New York, as well as The Slow Food Guide to New York (thanks to this guide, I gained a great listing of local farmer's markets in the city. And a side note about farmer's markets, they were featured in the food section of the LA Times recently. Sadly my vendor friends and I didn't get even an honorable mention for the Laguna Beach Farmer's Market, but no hard feelings. I suppose every farmer's market girl thinks hers is more charming than the rest!)

I will let you know how the hunt turns out...Though I am going prepared with some destinations in mind, I am most excited to stumble upon the neighborhood haunts that guides like Zagat have not yet discovered-- the places that will touch my soul, and my stomach, with local treats.

Happy hunting!
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